Christmas is comin!


Ho ho ho! ‘Tis the time to be merry & talk about our December highlights...

It’s been a very busy month at Kali Stileman Publishing, with new cushions & card ranges galore. Our latest of which are our fab hashtag tiddily widdlies. These cards are printed on linen textured board, & come in bright contrasting colours, with messages such as ‘hello there’, ‘hugs’ and ‘hurrah’. The perfect way to send a little note to anyone of any age or gender. 

 Our cushions are also the new cool kids on the block. Ranging from our prehistoric cushions featuring wooly mammoths & megalodons, to our wordy cushions that match the wordy tiddly widdlies, our cushions are certain to brighten up any bedroom or living space. Check them out here!

 We’ve also gone bonkers for beads! Our pendants and bracelets are made with truly precious materials, such as 19th century scarab beads, ivory beads & freshwater pearls & are the perfect Christmas present that can be treasured forever. Currently only for public sale, but we are looking to make them available to trade buyers, too. Hurrah!

 B is not only for beads, but… brochures! Our beautiful new brochures have been printed just in time before the January Top Drawer show, so keep an eye out for those too!

 And finally, we’ve had some pretty unexpected company at Kali Stileman Publishing recently. We have Rose, the cockerel, who frequently likes to escape the wet and wintery December weather to find some solace in the office & Big Nige, our teeny tiny piglet! He was brought to us after being found on the side of the road at only a few days old, but has since gone from strength to strength, chasing limes around the kitchen and creating chaos wherever he goes! Absolutely gorgeous, but an absolute time-waster when there is work to be done!

 Wishing you all a very merry Christmas & a happy new year,

 The girls at Kali Stileman Publishing