Hello July


What a busy month it’s been! We started off the month with lots more exciting new card designs to shout about – our gorgeous new baby and copper number cards! Our new baby designs are perfect for welcoming little ones into the world and our copper numbers are for both boys and girls ages 1-6 and all feature a gorgeous copper foiled number. Both card ranges are printed on lovely thick linen board in gorgeous muted colours.

The second half of the month was slightly more chaotic than anticipated… our lovely warehouse sadly closed, meaning that we had everything sent back from Birmingham! One artic lorry, two garden porta cabins and many days spent hauling boxes and sorting cards later and we finally feel back to ‘normal’! Albeit a surprise, we see this move back to Dorset as a wholly positive one. Making up shop orders ourselves means that we have full control of what we send out and we’re able to add more of a personal touch too!

Lastly, onto our birds. Our lovely bantam and first time mother, Bunny, had chicks, but wasn’t super keen on them when they hatched. This meant that my job role had to be momentarily extended to adoptive chicken mum… the things you do for work! Sadly Bunny rejected all but one of the chicks, but our last one – Penguin – could not be closer to her mother… and what a lovely sight it is!

Lots of love,

Jemima x