ST03 dinosaur wall sticker pack

Rooooar! This dinosaur wall sticker pack is the perfect way to decorate a baby's nursery, child's bedroom or playroom!

Choose from regular size pack or a large size pack. Each pack includes a whole selection of roar-some dino friends and landscape accessories for you to create a fun-filled prehistoric scene for your little one's room.There are two T-Rex stickers, two pterodactyl stickers, a brontosaurus sticker and a triceratops sticker (oooh, and two trees, two clouds, a sun, and a little flock of birds!) Enjoy arranging them in whichever way you like to create the perfect design for your space. Each sticker can be quickly and easily applied with full application guidelines included. The stickers can also be easily and cleanly removed. Regular wall sticker: Whole scene (when arranged as shown): 152 x 52cm. Largest tree 32 x 25cm, largest T-Rex 25 x 23cm, largest cloud 16 x 14cm Large wall sticker: Whole scene (when arranged as shown): 220 x 75cm. Largest tree 47 x 36cm, largest T-Rex 37 x 33cm, largest cloud 23 x 20cmThe main photo is of the regular sized pack.