Moving on to March


Hasn’t February flown by - where is this year going!? This month has seen lots of changes with some fab new cards & wrap. Our newest tiddly widdlies include a christening card with lots of gorgeous animals, a smiley retro-style robot & a happy birdies birthday card. We are also SO excited about our new wraps, too. These wraps feature animals to match the christening tiddly, multi coloured birds & a fab train track wrap, which all have lots of movement in them.


We’ve also got new cards launching soon - our mouthies collection! Featuring various creatures with ginormous mouths which little hands can poke through, meaning all sorts of fun!


I’m also thrilled to say that I (Jemima) have joined Kali Stileman Publishing full time, before returning to Italy in September. As well as looking after the public side, I now dabble in all other aspects of the business, too!


And finally, in the last blog post I mentioned the budding romance between Nigel the pig & his girlfriend, Dawn. That relationship was sadly not to be (after several stitches in a pretty unfortunate location I’m sure Nigel would agree), but love has blossomed between him & our newest piggy addition, Minnie Winnie! They have been inseparable ever since her arrival.


Lots of love,


Jemima x