Happy June!


Hello all!

Another month at home and we’ve had lovely new card and wrap designs coming out of our ears! Wahoo! We’re so excited to shout about our latest (and lovliest) floral collection: a series of gorgeous greetings cards featuring flora and fauna in soft muted colours for all occasions ranging from christenings to retirements.

We love our wraps, too – our diamonds wrap is covered in fab multi-coloured diamonds and our floral wrap features an explosion of flowers in beautiful muted bright colours.

Having seen how popular our tiddly widdles have been as matching mini cards to our favourite wraps, we’ve brought out more! Hurrah! These delightful cards are super on their own, or to accompany the wrap as an upmarket gift card.  Keep a look out for these tiddlies coming soon!  

Lastly, more animal updates… we have (finally!) found a birdfriend, Ron for our female goose, Fred. After a day of dancing around each other, it is certain to say that love has blossomed and they are utterly inseparable! We’re keeping our fingers crossed for some gorgeous goslings soon!

Sending lots of love as always,

Jemima x