BK03 personalised birthday space book

Introducing our personalised intergalactic space book… it’s simply out of this world!

This delightful storybook tells the tale of a child’s adventure around the solar system in their trusty spaceship in search of the perfect gift for someone on their birthday… which turns out to be this book! The recipient could be a dad (as shown in the photo)... but it could be for a mum, a granny or even a sibling!) An exciting and educational story packed full of facts about our planets… fab for any little space fanatic! 

Make this book extra special by personalising it! We turn your little person into the star of the story with their illustration as the main protagonist.

The name of the spaceship is also up to you! We think your family’s surname plus ‘bot’ works really well (eg. Bell, Bellbot), but you could get creative with whatever fun or familiar name you like.

To personalise the book, please send us:

- The name of the child to go on the front cover and throughout the narrative

- A high res photo of the child (with the birthday girl/boy would be fab!) to go on the first page and that you would like the illustrations to be based on

- A name for the spaceship

- A message to go on the first page. We suggest this be from the child to the recipient on their birthday but it could be whatever you fancy!

This book was illustrated by Kali Stileman and narrated by her brother, Thor Hayton, who provided all the weird and wonderful space trivia!

This book is made happily in the UK and measures 25cm x 21cm.


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